Sunday, August 23, 2009

Acadia National Park - Mount Desert Island, Maine

Just got home from a week in Acadia National Park. All kinds of weather was provided: overcaste days, foggy mornings, entire days of fog, bright mid-90s (we were told Maine gets one week of 90s a year and we picked that week), calm seas and we left the day the effects of Hurricane Bill was felt by the coastal areas of Maine. PPing is in my immediate forcaste to get some photos posted.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hoover Dam - Bridge Still Under Construction

The government is trying to divert Route 93 interstate traffic from driving over the Hoover Dam onto a new road which requires a brige to be built which is located down-stream from the dam. Construction progress can be view from the dam.

The above is the bridge ubutment from the Arizona side of the Colorado River.

The above is the bridge ubutment from the Neveda side of the Colorado River.

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Water Lilies

Waterlilies are a right of passage from Spring in to Summer. These delightful flowers are delicate looking but have to hold up to the rigors of living in water. Early morning shooting is mandatory due to glare off of the water and this shoot was no exception.

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Field of Sunflowers!

I had been checking on this field of sunflowers since early spring. Due to the rains that we had the normal arrival of the sunflower blooms was pushed back of few weeks this year. I arrived early with plenty of bug gear as I had been warned a head of time and I had discovered multiple blood donor locations (skeeters) during my earlier visits.

I was welcomed with 95% of the sunflowers being in full bloom this morning and this is what I saw....

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