Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Local spots in New Hampshire - Gorham

This is the train station in Gorham, New Hampshire with a steam engine and cars providing nice local color.

Gorham has the typical hardware store which has disappeared across the country eaten up by the big box stores - what a loss for America but a gain for Gorham having this wonderful iconic store still open for business.

Palouse - Elevator and Red Barn

This is one of the most interesting grain elevators in the Palouse - triangular and to the point.

Nice red barn placed up against a strong hill with prominant stone out croppings.

Blue Truck Graveyard - Henderson

Interesting interior view of an old Henderson Truck from the 1950s. It is rather plain compaired to today's technical truck cabs.

Interesting place for a turn signal. When was the last time you saw a Henderson?

Turning New Hampshire Fall Color

I found this nice heart shaped puddle with a nice view of the falls in the background. Nice place to sit and relax.

Close by this large stream had some early fall color.

Green Palouse, Washington

\Found this older farm house in the Palouse. Looked to see if I could find someone to see why they let the grass grow this long. Couldn't find anyone.

Near the same house found this old bottom plow waiting for a trip over the fields.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

West Virginia Waterfalls

Nice pre-fall color shot of a gret waterfall and down stream flow - this is a nice falls as you have a lot of leading water before you get to the falls. This is a favorite of mine.

Swirly, swirly, nice shot showing the slow swirl of the water. Another favorite place to go.

New England trains and barns

Finally getting back to some post-processing after significant projects around the house. I promise to get back into the swing posting. Here is a live RR line with a nice work shed, rails and dark clouds.

On the same trip I was able to find several old farm buildings that had nice reflections, work red paint and event plants growing inside. My grandmother would have made sure the plants stayed outside!