Friday, May 28, 2010

Owachomo Bridge - Natural Bridges national Monument - Utah

These are two photographs or Owachomo Bridge which is one of three significant water carved bridges found in Natural Bridges national Monument in Utah. Owachomo is 106 feet high, has a span of 180 feet and is 27 feet wide and 9 feet thick. Owachomo is located near the intersection of Tuwa and Armstrong Canyons. The bridges are made of Ceda Mesa Sandstone from the Permian geologic period which predates the stone in Monument Valley and is even older than Arches national Park. The stone was form 570 to 240 million years ago. I heard this in grade school but I had to do a little research on the details. This is one of the unknown National Monuments which most people never have seen nor heard of.

Monument Valley - Mittins at sunset

Sunset on the Mittins can be dramtic most of the time if the clouds and co-operating and they were this evening. The left mitting is in Utah - the right mittin is in Arizona - did you know that??
This is a slightly different post - a group of us are working on a tribute to a dear friend and his love of knockers. He was actually commenting on door knockers at the time so we decided to post a few knockers in his honor. This first one is a very conservative, kinda shy knocker, that is why the knocker is 'covered' up to some degree.
This is a very manly knocker mounted to a wonder oak door.

And the last of this set is of a very patriotic knocker!

Friday, May 7, 2010

I found myself in a field of buttercups last weekend so I took a few multi-shots with my Nikon:

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Went to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania this past weekend to shoot a farm that had a stone barn and farmhouse. Lovely old farm with wonderful photo ops where ever you turned. The early morning light was delicate and added a tint of yellow glow with backlighting. It was a great morning!

Monday, May 3, 2010

I went to Fonthill which is the castle designed and built by Henry Mercer from Doylestown, Pennsylvania. The entire structure is made from concrete without the aid of machinery except for Lucy, his horse. These are interior photos taken without the the use of flash which is prohibited due to the damage it would eventually cause. Henry built the Moravian Tile Works on his property which was used to decorate homes in his day.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I went to Eastern State Penitentary in Philadelphia. Wanted to go for a long time and finally found the time to make the trip. This is a wonderful place, for photographers, and not for the inmates that lived here. As you see the photos you can see this was less than an ideal place to be sentanced and that is probably why they closed the prison in 1970. The lighting is low, no lights except for natural lighting which does work it's way in at places. Behave! You do not want to live here!

Every cell had one of these:
A wooden door found it's way to this cell:

Correct, no windows to look out of but light that can shine in. Flood light to see by and a stool to sit on. What else could you ask for?