Monday, February 20, 2012

ESP - Eastern State Penitentiary

This is a great location for what people call urban decay - a man made item/location that is slowly falling apart through decay. The ESP is being stabilized in that they are working to keep the rain and the elements out but they do not plan to restore the facility. Here are a few shots showing how the elements have started 'taking back' the ESP. Here is a broken window in a ground level cell block:

A cell with a barber chair (not the red one):

And a plain cell with a table:


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Abandonded Silk Mill

I found the coldest day in january to visit an abandonded silk mill. The drive went through several sections where the temp registered 8 degrees. It was in the 20's inside and when we left it was literally warmer outside than inside. It was another great trip. Here are three shots, first is of some motors:

Here are the arms of the heating system - too bad it was shut down 60 years ago!

Lastly, here is a heating device for the silk:

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wilmington & Western Railroad - Delaware

You can't call it winter without having some snowy train shots! I got myself up to Delaware and shot these at the Wilmington & Wester Railroad or W&WRR. It's a really great line and a super crew which runs it. The line runs through some really nice country with cuts and several steel bridges which replaced the old wooden bridges that were all washed out a few years ago.

She was built by the American Locomotive Compnay of Schenectady, NY in January 1909 and worked for the Mississippi Central before retinging in December 1944. She changed hands several times and was donated to the Historic Red Clay Valley Inc. by Tom Marshall in 1977. She had a major rehabilitaition project and returned to service in October 2004.

Here #98 is crossing a steel trestle.

Here the crew is removing ice and snow at the station needed to allow the #98 to continue down the line.

And here is one of the crew posing on the front of #98.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wheat Harvest in the Palouse, Washington

Well, for this post, John Deere rules. We will see next time. Wheat harvest in the Palouse, Washington, is normally in August and begins in the southern edge of the region and heads north. There is a steady supply of wheat being shipped by barge and rail to Seatle which is then loaded onto large cargo ships. When you see these combines working the hills, you would swear more wouldtumble over but they keep working the contour of the land and dumping their loads into the grain trucks. This shot shows how everything stays level with the contour of the land except for the cab and body of the combine.

Usually there are multiple combines working a field with multiple trucks - one going to the grainery, once coming back and one or two waiting to be loaded. The process does not end undtil sundown and then they can turn their lights on but once it gets dark they shut down for the day.

And the final Deere for this post, again hugging the contour of the land. Here you can see the straw being shot out the back. The photo truly does not show how dusty this process is.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Blackwater Falls - Icy Falls

Blackwater Falls State Park gets really cold in the winter time but that is what makes the falls crust over with ice. It is worth the time to get there and brave the elements to be able to see this first hand. Here is a shot of the main falls with a nice set of ice.

Here is a detail shot showing ice cycles, mushrooms and flowing water.

And lastly, for now, a show of the water above the falls.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tylerton, Smith Island, Maryland

I have a 'few' photo trips that I am just finding time to process. Went to Smith Island last summer and there are way over due to post. I had a great time with a great group of people. The people in the island are super friendly and look forward to visitors. Here is what I have for todday. I just love this shot of the Young Salty and the Dora Lynn.

Here is the Miss Marshall waiting for the captain to take her out.

And last but not least, you will be taking a walk on the wild side when you walk out on this pier.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Belvidere Delaware Railroad

I had the opportunity to take some night shots of the Belvidere Delaware railroad also known as the Bel Del RR. This is located outside of Phillipsburg New Jersey along side the Delaware River. In this shot a Chevrolet truck is waiting for the 2-8-2 #142 to clear the crossing before procedding.

And here the 142 is coming through the crossing with the bell ringing and the steam a'hissing.