Friday, March 12, 2010

Strasburg RR locomotive engine maintenance

As part of a large winter photo shoot, I was able to take a personal tour of the engine shop where Strasburg RR maintains their equipment. Below are several shots of locomotives being repaired, maintained and the equipment used to support a railroad. Did you ever wonder how they machine the driver wheels for a locomotive, which are several feet in diameter? It takes a very large lathe the chuck up those pieces of iron!

Here are two sets of drivers and the locomotive which has been stripped down and being rebuilt:

Here is the lathe used to machine the locomotive drivers: "huge!!"
Did you ever wonder if Thomas the Tank Engine was a real steam engine - you betcha! He is getting his flue cleaned out to be ready for spring:

And here is a shot of the overall machine shop, there is another shop to the left and another to the right. I takes a lot of equipment and hours to support a railroad!

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