Monday, July 12, 2010

Manassas Bull Run National Battlefield

It was time to take the kids out and get a little exercise under the disguise of earning their Junior Ranger badges for Manassas National Battlefield in Virginia. It was a hot sticky day but there was a breeze - not one of the those hot but dry days which really only exist for the benefit of people who reason the situations. We saw multiple cannon demonstrations (little gun powder to make a little noise) and went over the hike loop around Henry Hill and went through the museum. The kids are now Junior Rangers at one more NPS site. Here is the stone bridge over Bull Run (the running water). The bridge was destroyed and rebuilt multiple timesduring the civil war.

Here are a string of cannons on Henry Hill.

And lastly here is the Henry house and the memorial to commemorate those who died at First Bull Run (Manassas).

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