Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Hampshire Fall Color

Went to New Hampshire this past fall at the peak of the color as you can see. The reds, oranges and yellows were screaming - what a beautiful site to see! Here is a shot from on of the valleys with two peaks stacked behind each other.

We recieved permission for the caretaker of this property that used to be a motel probably from the 60s and earlier. Each room was a seperate little cabin with a fireplace. Could not see the inside, some had fallen down, others taken apart and the rest were leaning so much we expected to see some fall over while we were there! Here is one end with the pine tree shutters still holding on.

Here is one of the cabin leaning and holding on. I am sure no one has stayed here fir quite some time. When a stone motor fireplace leans, you know you do not have structural integrity any more - believe me, this is not lens distortion!

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