Sunday, February 6, 2011

Alternate Fuel - Steam and Electric

Alternate fuels for automobiles has been around for quite sometime and is not a recent idea. Stanley Steamers used a gas fired boiler that created steam that ran their cars. A very quite car that many people did not like as the car could sneak up on you and your team of horses. Here is a phot of the side light of one of these open cars.

Another form of fuel is electricity. Although a relatively newer concept just because battery technology has gotten better, (there were earlier cars but the batteries took up a significant amount of room), here is a 1978 CitiCar Sebring Vanguard which sold 2,600 unites between 1974-1976. The car had a range of 50 miles (interestingly similar to quotes of today) with a top range of 28mph.

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