Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wilmington & Western Railroad - Delaware

You can't call it winter without having some snowy train shots! I got myself up to Delaware and shot these at the Wilmington & Wester Railroad or W&WRR. It's a really great line and a super crew which runs it. The line runs through some really nice country with cuts and several steel bridges which replaced the old wooden bridges that were all washed out a few years ago.

She was built by the American Locomotive Compnay of Schenectady, NY in January 1909 and worked for the Mississippi Central before retinging in December 1944. She changed hands several times and was donated to the Historic Red Clay Valley Inc. by Tom Marshall in 1977. She had a major rehabilitaition project and returned to service in October 2004.

Here #98 is crossing a steel trestle.

Here the crew is removing ice and snow at the station needed to allow the #98 to continue down the line.

And here is one of the crew posing on the front of #98.

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Anna said...

Truly wonderful images, Mark, and so well-captured. These remind me that even the tiniest bit of red in a composition adds to its appeal. It's the classic "hot" accent in an otherwise cool-toned image. Just fabulous!