Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wheat Harvest in the Palouse, Washington

Well, for this post, John Deere rules. We will see next time. Wheat harvest in the Palouse, Washington, is normally in August and begins in the southern edge of the region and heads north. There is a steady supply of wheat being shipped by barge and rail to Seatle which is then loaded onto large cargo ships. When you see these combines working the hills, you would swear more wouldtumble over but they keep working the contour of the land and dumping their loads into the grain trucks. This shot shows how everything stays level with the contour of the land except for the cab and body of the combine.

Usually there are multiple combines working a field with multiple trucks - one going to the grainery, once coming back and one or two waiting to be loaded. The process does not end undtil sundown and then they can turn their lights on but once it gets dark they shut down for the day.

And the final Deere for this post, again hugging the contour of the land. Here you can see the straw being shot out the back. The photo truly does not show how dusty this process is.

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