Monday, March 19, 2012

Technology of not so long ago......

This is a post of technology of days gone by.

First here is a fire suppression system. No, you do not pull the alarm and wait for the firemen to arrive.

You grab this red thing, called a bucket, and douse the fire with the sand or water in the bucket and then you go get some more. For this factory sand would not be very good for the gears so we presume these held water.

And what do we have here??

It's not a Kindle or the other brand's versions.

This is a paperback book.

It does have an interesting title, doesn't it??

Her Third Man.....

And lastly....

A forerunner of a keyboard....

Sort of, but it did not have a screen to go with it..

I will let you think about this one for a while.

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